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  • 2013 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19121
  • 2013 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19121
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Self Sufficiency – Education Empowerment – Direct Services

PhillySEEDS provides opportunities for self sufficiency, education, and empowerment to residents living in public and assisted housing through programs, philanthropic fund raising, community-based partnerships and special initiatives.

In the city of Philadelphia, more than 400,000 people – 27% of all residents and 39% of our children – live in poverty. Approximately 200,000 Philadelphians survive on incomes equaling less than 50% of the federal poverty level. Philadelphia’s current poverty rate is almost twice the national average and has nearly doubled since 1970. The present state of perpetual gridlock at the federal level demands action from philanthropically-minded citizens, private entities and community partners.

PhillySEEDS is uniquely positioned to improve these devastating statistics by reducing poverty, enabling opportunity and advancing the well-being and growth of our city through our strategic partnership in three initiatives with the Philadelphia Housing Authority.