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  • 2013 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19121
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  • 2013 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19121
  • (215) 684-4160

PhillySEEDS Annual Scholars Program

Many of Philadelphia’s brightest young aspiring students, although offered financial assistance, have not been able to pursue the dream of furthering their education. Often their families cannot make up the difference between scholarship packages offered and university tuition or they cannot afford expenses like the transportation necessary to attend their classes.

PhillySEEDS, Inc. created the PhillySEEDS Annual Scholars Program to assist PHA residents that are beginning or continuing their education at a college, university or trade school.

These scholarships are awarded every year prior to the start of the Fall Semester. The applications are reviewed by a panel consisting of PhillySEEDS board members, PHA residents, PHA resident leaders, PHA staff and/or PHA partners. The main goal is to offer high levels of support to PHA residents looking to further their education, increase their level of self-sufficiency and become role models for their family and community.

In 2017, the PhillySEEDS Annual Scholars Program awarded $258,000 in scholarships to 66 students! The next application period will begin in the spring of 2018.

In just 5 years, the PhillySEEDS Annual Scholars Program has awarded nearly $1.1 million in scholarships to more than 270 aspiring students.

Irene Patterson "Because of the support I received from PhillySEEDS, I am able to say that I graduated from Arcadia University with a Bachelor's of Arts in Computing Technology Design, becoming the first person in my family to receive a college degree. There are truly no words that can express my gratitude."

-Irene Patterson

PhillySEEDS Annual Scholars Program Data by Year

$258,000 in Scholarships awarded to 66 PHA Residents

40 residents received $5,000 scholarships
16 residents received $3,000 scholarships
10 residents received $1,000 scholarships

$219,000 in Scholarships awarded to 55 PHA Residents

34 residents received $5,000 scholarships
14 residents received $3,000 scholarships
7 residents received $1,000 scholarships

$256,000 in Scholarships awarded to 62 PHA Residents

41 residents received $5,000 scholarships
15 residents received $3,000 scholarships
6 residents received $1,000 scholarships

$199,000 in Scholarships awarded to 53 PHA Residents

28 residents received $5,000 scholarships
17 residents received $3,000 scholarships
8 residents received $1,000 scholarships